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What are contact lenses?
Contact lenses are a popular alternative to wearing glasses; we do recommend that you have a pair of spectacles, in your current prescription, to wear when contact lenses are not suitable. Contact lenses are considered elective eyewear in most instances. Many people choose them for cosmetic, safety, recreational, and convenience reasons. There are contact lenses available that will allow almost anyone to enjoy the comfort and excellent vision that a well-fit contact lens provides.

Contact lenses are medical devices that require ongoing care. Unlike spectacle wear, contact lenses are foreign bodies that are worn on the eye. They must be monitored and cared for meticulously in order to avoid serious complications. When contact lenses are cared for and worn as instructed the risk to your eye health and vision are low. However, medications, environmental factors, other health concerns, non-compliance, over wear, or individual response may affect the success of your contact lens experience.
How can you get contact lenses?
Your contact lens fitting may be done only after your annual eye health exam. The fitting services include:
  • Evaluation: selecting the most appropriate lenses for your eyes
  • Additional testing: specific to the fitting of contact lenses
  • Trial contact lenses
  • Contact lens care and handling instructions (with sample care kit)
  • Insertion and removal training by a certified professional as desired
  • Contact lens follow-up office visits as recommended by the Dr. through the finalization of your contact lens prescription
Caring for contact lenses
Contact lens follow-up visits are essential to providing you with a prescription for a properly fit contact lens. Your failure to return to the office as instructed by the Dr. within two weeks of the initial contact lens fit may result in additional charges.

After your contact lens prescription has been finalized you will be offered the opportunity to purchase up to a one-year supply of contacts through our office. Our prices are competitive and we are happy to provide these services allowing you to get your contact lenses from a Dr. you trust. You may however, opt to take your soft contact lens prescription elsewhere.

Contact lens fitting and evaluation is renewed annually to maintain continuity in your contact lens care. These contact lens fees are separate from your annual eye health examination fees. Also, complications that arise from contact lens wear are not included in the contact lens fitting fees.
We offer a variety of contact lenses:
  • Disposable lenses
  • Frequent replacement lenses
  • Conventional lenses
  • Cosmetic/Colored lenses
  • Bifocal/Multifocal lenses
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses
  • Astigmatic lenses
  • Extended wear soft lenses